Why Blake Frohnapfel Should Start At Quarterback

As a sophomore in 2012 Frohnapfel played in a limited role for the Marshall Herd but played quite well when he got the chance. He went 17- 22 in passes, totaling 206 yards. Along with those 206 yards, Frohnapfel tossed up three TDs and just one pick. The very next year he went 18-23 passing a total of 180 yards tossing a pair of touchdowns showing his true potential once again. In his small sample sizes, Frohnapfel shows consistency and a strong throwing arm. Frohnapfel stands 6ft6, weighing in at 225 lbs making it easy for him to see over the line and giving him plenty of strength as well.

In addition to throwing a football well, the Virginia native runs with one just as well. He is a dual threat quarterback who rushed for 164 yards on 24 attempts in Conference USA competition rushing for a pair of touchdowns.

The future of Blake Frohnapfel is looking bright, with some eye popping statistics and consistency in performance. He will compete with current Minutemen QB AJ Doyle for the starting job along with Todd Stafford although Frohnapfel will likely come out on top. He does everything and does it well plus coach Whipple would not have handpicked a grad student just so he could sit him on the bench.