Baseball: Dan Stoops Unsung Hero

Before UMass Stoops was a four-time varsity letter winner. He started four years as a pitcher, also having games playing first, third and outfield. He went on his Junior year to collect Team MVP. Following that his senior year he earned the Iron Man Award, with a 5-2 record. Stoops dealt 43 innings, punching out 81, and knotting a 1.63 earned run average. Not only that, Stoops dealt behind the plate as well, batting .385 with 23 RBI’s and 3 homeruns. Even if his pitcher was to dramatically go downhill, he could aid as a batter. Nonetheless, Stoop even pulled a 16-5 record and 190 strikeouts in a total of 120 innings back when he was a senior in high school.

Stoops gives great aid to UMass, being a multi-inning pitcher. In his future he could even start in needed situations, say  someone were to get injured, he has the ability to go deep innings. Overall Stoops is looking like a great asset to UMass.