Minutemen Football: D’Metrius Williams Off The Team


Williams was set to be a starting safety for the Minutemen last year after a strong performance at corner the year before. He started a pair of games recording 29 tackles in all playing in every single game last year. According to a Mass Live report, Trey Dudley-Giles has now moved from corner to safety to take the starting job.

On the UMass website, says he won many academic awards in high school and was captain on his high school team in both his junior and senior years. There is even a video of him doing volunteer work at the Boys and Girls Club from about a month ago. With this being said it comes as a bit of a shock that this would be the type of guy who would cause trouble for his team.

Overall, this is a tough blow to the secondary. Losing a starter is never a good thing, and it stings even more when it it is not due to injury. Coach Whipple made up his mind and did what he thought was best for the team. Williams is a great player and losing him is tough to swallow but Dudley-Giles has the makings of a great safety so that lessens the blow a bit.